3 Ways Scentcerely Yours Can Help Make Your Wedding Unique

3 Ways Scentcerely Yours Can Help Make Your Wedding Unique

It’s just about wedding season and we can hear those wedding bells ringing! At Scentcerely Yours, we know how important every detail of a bride and groom’s wedding day is and we understand how perfect all of the events leading up to it are also.

Our Scentcerely Yours scent consultants have personally helped make so many weddings special and we love being able to be part of the process, adding a unique element to the special day. Here are a few ways we can help “wow” guests and make for a unique, memorable wedding day.

3 Ways Scentcerely Yours Can Enhance Your Wedding

1. Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party

Our warm, relaxing, and inviting Scentcerely Yours shop is the perfect venue for a small private bridal shower or bachelorette party! If you’re looking for a place that will provide a truly unique, memorable experience for guests, Scentcerely Yours in Geneva, IL is perfect!

During your event, you, along with all of your guests, will get to choose your favorite scents from over 100 available on our scent wall. Then, mix 2-3 scents together to create your signature scent. You’ll get to mix and pour your signature scent creation into a variety of luxury home goods or bath products including candles, room sprays, shower gels, and more. Then, design a personalized label to commemorate the special occasion. It’s a great way to bond with your girls while creating a hands-on, memorable, unique experience for everyone.

COVID-19 In-Shop Regulations

As you’re planning your special event at Scentcerely Yours, there are a few points to keep in mind as we comply with COVID-19 regulations in our shop:

  • If you are interested in a private after-hours event, please contact us to schedule.
  • Reservations are only taken on the hour.
  • During normal business hours, reservations are one hour in length. Please contact us if you need longer times.
  • Masks are required in the shop at all times.
  • BYOB is temporarily unavailable.
  • Upon entering the store, we will provide our rinse-free hand wash for you to use before you begin the process.

2. Bridal Party Thank You Gifts

What better way to thank your squad than with custom scented Scentcerely Yours products? We have a variety of candle containers available to choose from that you can customize for your wedding. Scent your wedding with our premium fragrance products that will be appreciated by all of your girls as well as your budget!

Scencerely Yours Wedding Favors

3. Wedding Favors

Give a unique, personalized favor for your guests that they can enjoy well after your special day!  Your custom premium fragrance can be made into a number of favor options including candles, lotion, room spray, and other home fragrance products. You can include a special label that is a reflection of your wedding. Our Scentcerely Yours scent consultants offer assistance from start to finish to ensure that you create the perfect, memorable wedding scent and personalized favor for your special day. Your unique scent can be a personal memento for you and your spouse, and can also be given as a distinctive favor for your guests.

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