Perfect Scentcerely Yours Mother’s Day Gifts that Will Make Mom Feel Special

Perfect Scentcerely Yours Mother’s Day Gifts that Will Make Mom Feel Special

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! It’s such a special day to celebrate motherhood and the mother figures in all of our lives. And what better way to celebrate these incredible women than by crafting a gift that is just as special as they are!

Give mom a unique gift that will keep on giving with a custom scented candle, reed diffuser, or one of our other long-lasting premium fragrance products! Take a look at popular Mother’s Day ideas and Scentcerely Yours products that make for perfect gifts for any mother figure in your life!

Top Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that are Perfect For All Moms

Soy Wax Candles

Our 11 oz Signature Tumbler soy wax candles make for great Mother’s Day gifts that you can get online or in our shop! Our Scentcerely Yours candles are made from natural soy wax and premium fragrance oils. They also contain organic cotton wicks for a clean, non-toxic burn that is long-lasting and circulates for up to 80 hours. We have signature scented products available or you can schedule an appointment in our shop and choose from other candle containers and sizes as well!

Wax Tarts

Scentcerely Yours wax tarts are perfect for Mother’s Day gifts. Our wax tarts work great with any wax warmer and will add an amazing scent to any space. The tarts melt and release a premium fragrance into the air. Just break off the number of tarts you’d like to warm, turn on the wax warmer, and enjoy!

Hand Soap

Have you ever washed your hands at someone’s home and just loved the scent of their hand soap? We get that all of the time! Hand soaps are a great Mother’s Day gift option for mothers who like to entertain or have family over. The hand soaps are gentle on hands and smell great – what else could you ask for!?

Shower Gel

We all want to smell good – especially mom! A lovely scented shower gel can be uplifting and help start her day right! Our Scentcerely Yours shower gels are handmade, cleansing, lightly scented, and hydrating, a perfect gift for Mother’s Day this year.

Sugar Scrub

A homemade luxury spa in one container! Our sugar scrubs are exfoliating, moisturizing, and smell great. Pair with a candle and a bottle of wine, and husbands – you have effectively saved yourself from another year of last-minute planning!

Room Spray

Serving as an odor-eliminating spray for any room in your home, our Scentcerely Yours room sprays can be just what the special mom in your life needs this Mother’s Day. Just spritz a couple of sprays into any room and make any musty room smell fresh!

Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are great for the moms in your life who have young children. These refreshingly scented diffusers disperse your custom scent into the air and circulate it throughout your home. With no flame, reed diffusers are a great, safe alternative to candles.

Gift Baskets

All of our specialty candles, bath & body boxes, and gift baskets are presented and ready for gift-giving! Whether mom prefers candles, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, or hand soaps, we have a signature product perfect to gift on her special day. Be sure to check out our large bath & body gift box, including 8 bath bombs and 1 Gingham loofah scrub, plus our candle gift basket that includes an 11 oz candle, liquid hand soap, and room spray.

Pick Your Scentcerely Yours Scent

Whether the special mom in your life enjoys scents that are clean and fresh, floral, sweet, or fruity, we’ve surely got the scent for her this Mother’s Day. Take a look at some of the most loved mother’s day premium fragrances!

  • Agave: a natural sweetener derived from a succulent plant that is also a basis for tequila. It has naturally sweet and bright citrus notes.
  • Awapuhi: there are exotic floral notes mixed with hints of fresh breezes and citrus in this island-inspired scent.
  • Banana Nut Bread: a sweet scent with notes of walnut, spices and ripe banana that combine to create this sweet, fresh-from-the-oven scent.
  • Champagne: crisp, bright, and slightly sweet. You can almost smell the bubbles in this effervescent fragrance.
  • Fig: sweet notes of fresh, ripe figs paired with hints of citrus zest, musk, and wood in this earthy and sophisticated fragrance.
  • Honeysuckle: a sweet and floral scent with a lush and dewy quality. This fragrance smells like fresh honeysuckle in bloom.
  • Orange Zest: combines the sweet and juicy aroma of fruit and the zesty kick of peel with a bright citrusy note.
  • Rose Petals: a soft and romantic floral scent that smells like a bouquet of freshly cut roses…classic and light.
  • Sugar Cookie: the heavenly smell of fresh-baked cookies straight out of the oven…sugary, buttery, and sweet with hints of vanilla.
  • Vanilla Bean: a perennial favorite. Creamy and rich, it is sweet and warm, with a true aroma of fresh vanilla beans. A delicious indulgence.

Signature Scent Mother’s Day Favorites

  • Meet Me At The Cabana: put the lime in the coconut…and add in some lemon verbena and vanilla. Finish it off with some fruity notes of melon and mandarin, and you can relax all day in your cabana.
  • Blue Skies: head to the tropics with this blend of fruits, lemons, limes, and sugared oranges. Add in hints of exotic tropical florals and mountain greens and your beach vacation is complete.
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla: a well-balanced combination of ripe black raspberries and vanilla make this fruity but not too sweet.

Hopefully, this scent guide helps pick the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for all of the special moms in your life! If you’re looking for a more hands-on gift for mom, we have gift cards for her so she can schedule an appointment at Scentcerely Yours to create her own scented products! It will be a great unique experience that you can do together to make it extra special.

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