We are excited to partner with IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PAWS to help raise funds for their special organization!  This special mix incorporates just the right amount of lavender, eucalyptus, and sage!  This 11 oz natural soy candle will burn for 80 hours! It’s All About The Paws, NFP is a 501(c)3 foundation that is dedicated to raising awareness and educating our communities on the importance of adoption, spay & neuter programs, and health & wellness. IAATP is dedicated to supporting the rescue community and bringing awareness to their adoptable animals and mission in hopes to help make Chicago a no-kill city. IAATP is dedicated to educating our community on animal advocacy, animal welfare, and anti-cruelty products. Part of our mission is to spread awareness for all animals on this planet. Spreading love, positivity, and intentional living is at the core of our foundation. We fight and stand by the ones who don’t have a voice, hoping that our mission reaches and changes the hearts and minds of many.


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