Scentcerely Yours Essentials + Tips to Up Your Bath Game

Scentcerely Yours Essentials + Tips to Up Your Bath Game

Whether you’re more of a shower or bath person, there is something inherently luxurious about a spa bath experience. There really is nothing like a bath done right, so we at Scentcerely Yours are here to share our ideas on how to up your bath game at home! 

Set The Scene

We recommend keeping the bright bathroom lights off during your bath, as they signal to your body that it’s “go time.” Rather, opt for our favorite kind of lighting: Scentcerely Yours candles! You will instantly feel more relaxed and at ease when you light some candles. 

Add Scentcerely Yours Candles For the Perfect Spa Experience

Surround yourself with a few of our relaxing candles (maybe some you’ve made yourself!) and breathe deeply. The premium fragrances will transport you to your own private Nirvana. Some of our favorite bathroom scents are: 

  • Lily of the Valley – light with hints of jasmine and hyacinth that dominate this sweet and fabulous scent.
  • Verbena – a flowering plant with a tropical blend of fresh lemon and herbs. The fragrance is an uplifting delight.
  • Clothesline – a scent that combines the smells of cotton and linen with fresh outdoor air for a clean, refreshing scent.
  • Bubble Bath – a clean, fun, yet calming scent that makes you want to draw a warm bath.
  • Sea Breeze – a fresh ocean air layered with tropical breezes and soft floral notes.

Stay Hydrated 

It’s common to get overly hot during a bath. That’s why we recommend grabbing a bottle of water for drinking and also setting a bowl of ice water and a washcloth within reach. This way, you’ll have a cold compress to put on your forehead or on the nape of your neck to keep you feeling refreshed!

Add Luxurious Bath Essentials

What’s a luxurious spa-like bath experience without some good stuff to soak in? You can take your relaxing tub time to the next level by adding any of our Scentcerely Yours bath bombs, sugar scrubs, handmade soaps, or Goat Milk and Honey lotions from our specialty online shop.

Bath Bombs

Our bath bombs deliver the bath spa day experience you’re looking for. Our bath bombs are for all ages…but really for anyone that wants to just relax in the shower or bathtub and smell great all day long!

Loofah Scrubs

Our Scentcerely Yours loofah scrubs are the perfect bath essential to exfoliate and cleanse, leaving your skin silky smooth.

Don’t forget to order a specialty bath & body spa basket that contains a set of gently scented bath bombs and a loofah scrub!

Scentcerely Yours Shower Gel

Our shower gels are extra special because you can create your own scents by combining 2-3 of your favorites and mixing them right in our local Geneva shop! The shower gels work to hydrate, soothe, soften, and provide a refreshing scent during your bath!

Goat Milk + Honey Lotion

Try our Scentcerely Yours premium scented goat milk and honey lotion for the ultimate post-bath experience. Offering superior moisturizing, say goodbye to dry skin.

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