The Best Sweet Summertime Scents

The Best Sweet Summertime Scents

Summertime is filled with some of the most memorable fragrances. From long walks on the beach to island vacations, mowing the lawn, bonfires, mimosas by the pool, and more. We all have our favorite scents that make us think of summertime.

Scentcerely Yours is here to help you create the perfect scent for a candle, sugar scrub, reed diffuser, or other personal fragrance product to enhance your home/bath experience all summer long. Keep reading for our scent creation tips and suggestions that can help get you in the summertime mood – using scent!

3 Tips to Creating Your Own Summertime Scent at Scentcerely Yours

Choosing from our array of over 100 unique premium fragrance oils, you can blend your favorite scents into a one-of-a-kind candle or other home or personal fragrance product that represents summertime to you like no other. Here are a few tips from our Scent Consultants!

1. Choose Scents Based on Memory

Recreate the aroma of playing in the backyard with childhood friends, while your dad mows the lawn, and your mom fills a vase with lightly scented lilacs. Reminisce in the scent of your grandmother making her famous strawberry jam. Think of your favorite family vacation to the beach house that brings back a flood of memories for you. Whatever your story holds, Scentcerely Yours is here to help you create it.

2. Test Combinations of 2-3 of Your Favorite Scents

Not all scent combinations may go as well as you think. One scent may not pair as well with another as you might have originally thought – and that’s okay! It takes lots and lots of testing in our scent bar to find your perfect combination, so don’t be afraid to try out a few combinations.  You will lightly squeeze the bottles of fragrance oils simultaneously to see if they give off an aroma of your liking before mixing them.

3. Think Seasonal

Summer is a time of joy, happiness, and enjoying the great outdoors. Exotic flowers blooming, summer sunsets, and crisp ocean air are some of the greatest things this season has to offer. When pouring your own candle, reed diffuser, shower gel, or other premium scented product, think of all of the scents that represent the wonderful, vibrant season of summer. 

The Best Summertime Scents

Fruity Scents For Summer

  • Watermelon – a sweet, juicy, and bright fragrance that makes your mouth water just thinking about it!
  • Yuzu – combines the aroma of tangy, floral Japanese citrus fruit with notes of grapefruit and mandarin. It is fresh, sparkling, and perfectly balanced.
  • Strawberry Jam – the aroma of freshly picked strawberries with sugar syrup. It smells like sweet strawberry jam fresh off the stove.
  • Mango – a delicious and sweet scent that is juicy and tropical…like eating a fresh mango.
  • Georgia Peach – sweet and rich, with a hint of fresh orange. This fragrance smells like a juicy peach just picked from the tree.
  • Pineapple – a sweet, juicy, freshly cut scent that will take you straight to the tropics.

Summer Island-y Scents

  • Sea Foam – the earthy, salty scent of white-capped waves at the ocean. It’s warm, relaxing and refreshing.
  • Coconut – sweet and nutty with a hint of vanilla that will have you feeling tropical island breezes.
  • Hawaiian Lei – a blend of the most fragrant Hawaiian flowers, including frangipani, white ginger, and plumeria. This fragrance will transport you to the islands!
  • Sea Breeze – fresh ocean air layered with tropical breezes and soft floral notes. You can almost taste the salty air!
  • Goji Berry – combines rich berries with sweet notes that boasts an exotic and pleasing tartness.
  • Awapuhi – exotic floral notes mixed with hints of fresh breezes and citrus in this island-inspired scent.

Fresh & Iconic Summertime Scents

  • Beer – a refreshing scent that is perfect for a hot summer day.
  • Agave – a natural sweetener derived from a succulent plant that is also a basis for tequila. It has naturally sweet and bright citrus notes.
  • Cucumber – a refreshing and clean scent that smells like you just picked one from the garden!
  • Campfire – smokey and woodsy, with a touch of fresh pine and hint of the outdoors. It will take you back to summer nights around a bonfire.
  • Summer Lawn – smells just like freshly cut grass…bright, green, and earthy.
  • Fresh Air – smells like a clear summer day spent enjoying the weather outside. You can close your eyes and almost feel the sunshine on your face.

Floral Summer Scents

  • Honeysuckle – sweet and floral with a lush and dewy quality. This fragrance smells like fresh honeysuckle in bloom.
  • Hyacinth – an intoxicating floral scent with sweet and spicy notes.
  • Hydrangea – the intoxicatingly floral aroma of freshly cut hydrangeas.
  • Jasmine – a lush and exotic blend, has hints of rose petal, plumeria, and greens.
  • Lilac – a magnificent floral scent. Heady and sweet, it smells like a lilac bush in full bloom.
  • Verbena – a flowering plant with a tropical blend of fresh lemon and herbs. The fragrance is an uplifting delight.

5 Scentcerely Yours Summertime Combination Ideas

  • Pineapple Coconut – a juicy and tropical scent combination.
  • Mango Hawaiian Lei – an exotic scent combination that will transport you to an island vacation.
  • Watermelon Cucumber – a sweet, light, refreshing scent combination.
  • Champagne Orange Zest – think mimosa by the pool with this fresh, fruity scent combination.
  • Goji Berry Agave – a tart, fresh, and sweet scent combination.

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