The Importance of Community: Supporting Local Geneva Businesses

The Importance of Community: Supporting Local Geneva Businesses

May 25, 2021, marked our third anniversary of being in business in Geneva, IL. In light of our anniversary, we couldn’t help but reflect on our time being part of such a welcoming community. We are beyond blessed and grateful to all of our loyal customers, incredible team members, and unforgettable memories made in our shop over the years. We know, none of this would have been possible without this community of wonderful people!

Why Shop Local in the Tri-Cities Area

When we opened our shop in Geneva, IL, we were welcomed to the community with open arms and we couldn’t be more grateful for the experience we’ve had here. We’ve always found it important to support local businesses because it impacts our community as a whole.

How Local Jobs & Your Support Impact the Economy in Our Community

When local businesses support other local businesses, it improves our community and keeps the local economy prospering. Tri-cities-owned businesses are necessary for local jobs and employing people in our community as well. At Scentcerely Yours, our Scent Consultants are part of this community and continually invest in the future growth of the Tri-cities area. Local businesses are the heart of our town and we want to do what we can to give back. If you are interested in employment with Scentcerely Yours, please fill out an application for consideration!

Customer Service & Building Relationships

When you shop and/or visit local businesses, you have an amazing opportunity to get to know the owners and team members that make the business run! That kind of personal touch and visible passion is not something you would typically see at a larger corporation.

Scentcerely Yours was founded in 2018 by Susi and Rob Brucato, a creative duo with a knack for crafting memories. The pair wanted to create a contemporary retail experience with a hands-on edge and opportunities for each shopper to add his or her own personal touch. They spent countless hours sourcing the finest ingredients and designing the perfect ambiance so that individuals, couples, families, and friends would have a place they could go for building memories together. After several months of planning, building, and refining their concept, Scentcerely Yours was born.

At Scentcerely Yours, we think it’s important to get our mission of giving customers a unique, memorable experience, across to members of our community. You can usually find our founders, Susi and Rob roaming around the shop alongside our amazing Scent Consultants! They love meeting and getting to know people in our community. So if you see them, give them a hello!

Rob and Susi Brucato at Scentcerely Yours

Local Products

Our goal is to provide our community with a shopping experience that is unique and special to them. Pour a candle. Mix a reed diffuser. Create a body mist. Blend a lotion. We supply the tools, you supply the magic! All of our products are created locally and customized by you. You can stop in our shop to create your own premium scented product, pick up a DIY candle-making (or sand candle-making) kit, or create your own product online and we’ll ship it to you!

Scentcerely Yours & Other Local Tri-Cities Businesses Community Involvement

Scentcerely Yours Delivery

Did you know that we can deliver locally? Once you’ve created your own signature scented candle, you can explore and enjoy the heart of downtown Geneva, IL and we would be happy to deliver it to you at a local restaurant.

First Fridays

Just as they sound, First Fridays in Geneva, IL, occur on the first Friday of each month. Many local businesses participate in activities such as deals and discounts, extended hours, raffles, or other fun community events. We always post about what we’re doing for First Fridays on our social media channels, so be sure to follow us for updates!

Community Fundraisers

We want to help make our community a better place. We offer an opportunity to craft a one-of-a-kind product that customers can purchase to support your local fundraiser. You’ll earn money with each custom candle sold. We have partnered with schools and other local organizations in the past to help them meet and exceed their fundraising goals!

Private Label

We love helping support other local businesses in any way we can! Businesses spend so much time creating the perfect visual appearance, however, oftentimes, a customer’s experience is impacted more by scent than by the visual aspects. Scent links directly to memory and emotion, and people make decisions based on their mood and emotions. Why not give yourself an opportunity and an advantage to create a unique identity for your business? Create your own scented product that really represents your business to sell at your shop!

Looking To Learn More About Other Local Tri-Cities Business & Community Events?

Connect With Us!

Scentcerely Yours participates in many community events throughout the year and we’ll always keep you up to date with what we’re doing next! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook or sign up for our email newsletter at the bottom of our website page to connect with us and other local businesses!

Stay + Play Local

Owned by a close friend and local partner of Rob and Susi’s, Stay + Play Local is an amazing resource for finding local dining, fun activities for the family, and new shops in the tri-city area. Visit the Stay + Play Local website or follow them on Instagram!

Geneva Chamber of Commerce

You can find upcoming community events, local businesses, highlights, and more by visiting the Geneva Chamber of Commerce website or following them on Facebook!

Participate in Local Events

Now that we’re getting back to a bit of normalcy after this past year, we hope you’ll participate in local events and activities like Swedish Days, the Art Fair, Scarecrow Fest, etc. There are so many local events that are hosted in the tri-cities area and many local businesses and community members may be there! It’s a great way to meet new people in your community as well as discover new local shops and restaurants in the area.

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