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Transitional Decor Ideas to Take Your Home from Summer to Fall: Expert Tips to Effortlessly Transform Your Home

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“Ahhh… early fall. With its perfect blend of summer and fall weather, early fall is a wonderful time to enjoy both the warm days with hints of the cooler fall weather. And as the seasons start to change, what better way to refresh your space than with transitional decor ideas to bring in the cozy elements of fall? 

Whether you’re looking to add some seasonal touches to your home in sunny Phoenix, AZ, or are celebrating the arrival of cooler weather in your cozy Ottawa, ON apartment, there are plenty of ideas to savor the season regardless of the weather outside. To help you get started, we reached out to experts for their best tips to usher in the fall season in your home decor. From cozy textiles to warm and inviting scents, here are transitional decor ideas to welcome fall into your home.

Add a Fall Glow

Choose soft, moody lighting to set the tone for couch cuddles and the spooky season. Candles are the perfect pairing for a fall atmosphere that can cozy up any space. Start with a central area of your home, like your kitchen island. Place a decorative tray in the center with a stack of fall-colored books topped with your favorite neutral-colored candle, a pretty glass jar filled with matches, and complete the look with a vessel filled with fall stems, such as pampas grass or autumn leaves. – Scentcerely Yours

Come Pour with Us at Scentcerely Yours!

Transitional Decor Ideas to Take Your Home from Summer to Fall: Expert Tips to Effortlessly Transform Your Home

We’re excited to walk you through the process of developing your own signature fall scent, and our Scent Consultants will be there to help you every step of the way (note: COVID-19 safety precautions are in place).

When you’re finished creating your custom signature scent, we encourage you to explore more autumn delights in downtown Geneva. We’ll give you recommendations! If you decide to grab a bite to eat, we can deliver the final products straight to your table!

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