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Why You Should Have Dinner by Candlelight this Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, we wanted to explore one question: what is it about candlelight dinners and romance that make the pair such a good match? Maybe it’s the warm glow the candle gives off or how it seems to enhance the flavors of the delicious meal your Valentine made for you. Keep reading to learn more about how to create a romantic candlelight dinner experience and our top 6 most romantic Valentine’s Day candle scents at Scentcerely Yours!

Reasons You Should Have Dinner by Candlelight this Valentine’s Day

There’s a reason a lot of dinner spots add a lit candle to the dinner table for you to enjoy. Pairing a romantic dinner with a candle enhances the romance and keeps the love burning brightly. 

Eating by candlelight can drastically change the atmosphere! With many of us stuck at home either by mandated stay-at-home orders or the uncertainty of going out in public, taking the initiative to set up a special dinner to spend one-on-one will most certainly be appreciated by your Valentine.

Creating Your Romantic Candlelight Dinner Experience

The first step is to determine where you’ll have your candlelight dinner. Are you going to set it at your dining room table or have an indoor picnic, or is there another spot that may be more special? Once you decide where you’re going to have your candlelight dinner, decide on what you’ll eat. Don’t forget to include dessert on the menu! Flowers and music are a great addition as well but don’t distract from the conversation. Last but most importantly, add some Scentcerely Yours candles to the table to create a romantic atmosphere.

6 Romantic Scentcerely Yours Scents: According to Our Scent Experts

Here are 6 of our favorite romantic scents to help guide you this Valentine’s Day. Mix 2-3 scents from our scent bar to create your own custom signature candle!

  • Agarwood – a woodsy aroma, with rich notes of black musk, hints of vanilla, and sweet warmth.
  • Champagne – crisp, bright, and slightly sweet, you can almost smell the bubbles in this effervescent premium fragrance.
  • Peony – a romantic floral blend that is lush and sweet.
  • Straight Razor – clean and masculine, smells of aftershave and the sharpness of a metal razor. It will transport you back to when a shave and a haircut cost two bits!
  • Whipped Cream – light, creamy, and fluffy with a hint of warm vanilla.
  • Rose Petals – a soft and light romantic scent that smells like a classic bouquet of freshly cut roses.

Looking For a Unique Romantic Date Experience Instead?

Scentcerely Yours Valentine's Day

If you’re looking for more of a creative and hands-on experience this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered. Book your Valentine’s date night at our Scentcerely Yours shop in downtown Geneva, IL! When you book a reservation on Valentine’s Day, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind, memorable experience in which you can create your signature scent for an 11 oz white candle and an 11 oz red candle, plus you’ll get a red rose and gourmet chocolates to take home with you! Book a reservation now.

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