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A Unique Candle and Scent Making Experience - Geneva, IL

Every person has a story. Our stories are written of childhood memories we will never forget, people who made an impact on our hearts, and precious experiences we will always hold dear. Our stories begin the day we are born and continue to unfold for the rest of our lives.

Why are stories important? Because with each chapter that is written, we unlock new pieces of ourselves and become molded into the people that we are. Stories endure throughout our lives and they permeate everything that we do.

Scentcerely Yours helps you tell your story. Choosing from our array of over 100 unique fragrances, you can blend your favorite scents into a one-of-a-kind candle or other home or personal fragrance product that represents you like no other.

Recreate the aroma of your childhood home. Reminisce in the scent of your grandmother’s perfume. Whatever your story holds, Scentcerely Yours is here to help you share it.